FROM IDR 125,000++

Lunch is commenced by a choice of Salmon Croquette, Tamagoyaki and Vegetable Spring Roll, complemented by Japanese Steamed Rice and Akadashi Miso Soup. A delightful Vanilla Ice Cream with Azuki and Raspberry Sauce completes your lunch on the sky.

Choice of Main Dish:

Oyako-donburi – Chicken Leg, Onion, Leek, Egg, Nori, Mitsubha & Donburi Sauce

Jyu Jyu Chicken Steak – Chicken Leg, Moyasi, Nasubi, Crispy Garlic & Balsamic Teriyaki Sauce

Jyu Jyu Beef Steak – Australian Tenderloin, Moyasi, Nasubi, Crispy Garlic & Demiglace Sauce

Gyu Roll Mushroom – Sliced Beef, Enoki Mushroom & Yakiniku Sauce

Beef Katsu Curry – Striploin Beef & Japanese Curry

Beef Kimchi Donburi – Sliced Beef Striploin, Half Boiled Egg, Kimchi & Sukiyaki Sauce

Seafood Combination – Norwegian Salmon, US Scallop, Prawn, Moyasi, Crispy Garlic & Kani Sauce

Valid for groups of 6 people or less dining together.

Info: 021-391-2963 or H8491-FB7@ACCOR.COM

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